Lake Gregory, CA

Bio: Tina marie Sergio lives at Underwoodland... "The Funniest Place on Earth"... along with her husband, a dog and a cat, among many other wild creatures, in the heart of the wooded mountain community, Lake Gregory, California. Tina S Says: "Learning is my game of passion, and any activity and every experience along the learning game journey...is of interest to me." As a licensed cosmetogist with an MBA specialty in strategic technology managment, I have been spending the first part of the "learning game" helping people to create their own unique image by creating hair styles with a look tailored specifically for them. Now as I embark on the second part of the learning game journey...I am taking it to the next level in helping people create their own unique life event strategy. Life is full of events. Whether an event is filled with joy, triumph, grief, or failure... embrace every moment as it happens! Post a billboard along life's highway to say "I conquered another level in the game and I am taking it to the next level!" Embrace the things that have an effect on our 'Game of Life' and just believe in the Power of Innovation and Future of Ideas bringin Change to the Game!

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