meinpebble-picsayThe story of my life…seems to be a continuous race to get to some place at some certain time. In which I find myself driving while praying to the forces above to “please let me be on time”. And usually once I arrive there, in a close proximity of “on time”, the next race against time begins, to finish what you need to do (on time) ¬†and get to the next destination…on time. So I have figured out a way to always be on time…I put my picture on my Pebble watch. Using the Selfie App I was able to upload my selfie pic and create a watchface to use on my Pebble Smartwatch. Now, thanks to my Pebble, and some extremely clever Smartwatch app developers, I can “Be on Time” whenever I want to be.

SelfieWatch app by cubetoodev allows you to take a selfie and show it on a Pebble watch face. Category: faces

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