Memory Moments as Motion Graphics

tigerellashopsonlineSo…another weekend has happened. The last couple of Mondays I’ve noticed that  I spend the earlier part of the day reflecting on things that happened throughout the weekend.Which is no big revelation in its own respect, however, what is interesting is the way in which I remember certain moments. For instance, when I think back on a moment, do I see it in written words? Does my mind see the words written out describing the way that my cat was watching TV, or the words describing what the sky looked like, or what the weather was like during my drive down to Anaheim on Saturday morning? Of course not. When thinking back on  a moment or experience the mind brings up a picture, or snap shot, of a memory that depicts just that moment. Almost as a computer screen plays a slide show. It’s much faster than the way ones mind could come up with the perfect combination of words to describe a moment, and trigger such exact a memory, at such rapid a pace. Our brains can re-call using data collections of all the senses that were being used at a particular moment in time. Data consisting of more than just what we were seeing with our eyes, or hearing with our ears, smelling or touching…Yes our mind combines all of the data from these senses, and goes a step further by adding the other things that could take us hours to describe in words. Such as, all of the emotions we were experiencing at that moment. The way we saw, heard, smelt tasted and touched something, are all combined together to make us feel a certain way. All those many emotions we experience in making us feel happy, sad, angry or just grateful to be alive, are what goes into the data base in our brains; collected together in wait for creating a memory at a later date. That one memory consists of enough data that if written down would create a novel. Although a novel that may not be all that easy to read, or even worth listening to. So our brains bring to us a few short snapshots providing us some type of motion graphic that gives us a nicely compact story. A story about that particular memory moment within our minds. “Every picture tells a story”… so true